• Di Yanbiao

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  • Name:Di Yanbiao Gender:Male Technique Title:Professor        
    Tel:0416-4199533 E-mail:dyb0607@qq.com
    Subject Name:Corporate Management
    Major Research Direction 1. Corporate Governance & Management
    2. Enterprise Organization & Management Control
    3. Human Resource Management
    Resume 1982, Bachelor of Engineering, Liaoning Institute of Technology 1989, Master of Management Engineering, Jilin University of Technology 2003-2009, vice President of Economics & Management Institute, being responsible for scientific research and postgraduate affairs Since 2009, Party Secretary in Economics Institute, being in charge of affairs about party committee of institute, trade unions and postgraduate, and holds a concurrent post of the director of enterprise development research center in Liaoning university of Technology In addition, he holds senior economist professional technical position, and once held a concurrent post of group company executives, independent director of listed company and management consultant of many enterprises. He founds enterprise development research center in Liaoning University of Technology, which to provide some management advisory services, such as management subject research, management diagnosis, development planning, staff training, project demonstration and management system design, for dozens of companies.
    Academic Achievement publish 8 works: Modern Management Methods & Application, the Profit Driving and Check-and-balance System of State-owned Enterprise Management and so on publish more than 20 academic theses: Comparative Analyses on Different Equity Incentive Models of Listed Companies and so on headed and mainly complete 27 provincial and municipal level scientific research projects and horizontal topic: Study on Personnel Qualification Evaluation System of Modern Business Management, Intelligent Resource Management Model of Small-and-Medium-Sized Industrial Enterprise and so on. headed Resource Sharing Lessons of Human Resource Management
    Awards the fourth prize of science and technology progress in Jilin province the second prize of excellent education scientific research achievements in Liaoning province the second prize of the fifth advanced education teaching achievements in Liaoning province the second prize of national enterprise modernization management innovation achievements the first prize of enterprise management progress in Liaoning province the second prize and writing prize of excellent achievements of social science in Jinzhou city the first prize of "eleventh five-year plan" undergraduate textbook about management published by Beijing university press, etc. guide students participate innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and won several prizes in province and nation level
    Ongoing Project Resource Sharing Lessons of Human Resource Management