• Cheng Chunmei

  • Resume

  • Name:Cheng Chunmei Gender:Female Technique Title:Professor  
    Tel:0416-4199501 E-mail:ccmlggl@163.com
    Subject Name:Corporate Management
    Major Research Direction 1. Crisis and Emergency Management
    2. Financial Engineering
    3.Project Management
    Resume 1985.09-1989.06, Bachelor of industrial management Engineer, Liaoning Institute of Technology 1997.09-2000.07, Master of world economy, Nankai University 2008.03-2011.12, Doctor of management science and industrial engineering, Liaoning Engineering Technology University 2004.03-2009.10, President of School of Economics and Management in Liaoning University of Technology, professor, Master's Supervisor Since 2009.10, President of School of Economics in Liaoning University of Technology, professor, Master's Supervisor In addition, holds concurrent posts:  expert of China academic degrees graduate education, assessment expert of Liaoning philosophy and social science committee, vice president of Liaoning management science institute, Liaoning teaching steering committee members in economics, expert of Liaoning high level technology expert-database, etc.
    Academic Achievement Headed and take part in more than 50 national and provincial research projects, and publish over 30 papers at public. Among them, over 20 papers in core journals as Statistics and Decision, about 20 papers in the SCI, CSSCI, EI, ISTP and ISSHP, over 20 papers are quoted more than 100 times by all kinds of academic journals, dissertations, and academic conferences. Publish 6 textbooks. Host Resource Sharing Lessons of Micro-economics. Host 3 college students' practice programmes. Host one teaching-reform project.
    Awards Excellent-young-backbone Teacher of Liaoning,  Academic Leader of Liaoning University of technology, Female Advanced Individual of Liaoning, 51 Labor Medal of Jinzhou, Jinzhou Pacesetter of Professional Ethics,. In addition, won the 1 second prize and 2 third prizes of Liaoning teaching results. Guide students and won several first and second prizes of challenge cup business plan competition. Won 2 first prize of Jinzhou philosophy and social science prize. Won a total of four second and third prize of academic achievements at the provincial level.
    Ongoing Project 1. two scientific research project supported by enterprise: software designing evaluation of real estate price, development of management information System 2. one project supported by Liaoning Social Science Foundation: research on the evaluation of finance ecological environment and path optimal in Liaoning