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  • Name: FENG Dian-yi Gender:Male Technique Title:Professor
    Tel:15941674205 E-mail:15941674205@163.com
    Subject Name:Process equipment and control engineering
    Major Research Direction 1. Control engineering and PLC/DCS production process and equipment automation
    2.Non - standard equipment automation
    3.Unit equipment and production process and automatic control
    Resume In 1983, graduated from Dalian Institute of Technology (now Dalian University of Technology) chemical equipment and mechanical professional,Bachelor degree Taking office in 1983 in Jinzhou second pharmaceutical factory, engaged in technical and technical management In 1997: Liaoning University of Technology in teaching and scientific research work; in 2006 by the Liaoning Technical University, the computer application technology professional master's degree
    Academic Achievement Host the Education Department Project:The development of electrolyte concentration system based on microcomputer automatic on-line measurement. Host the school enterprise cooperation project:North Korean victory club the lubricating oil and lipid production automation system "; Yantai Wanrun Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. the CHT device automatic control system; Shantou Weili Plastic Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. the hollow plastic blowing equipment research and development of automatic control system"; Tianjin Yumeijing Group Co., Ltd. the automatic packaging production line control system ". Editor in chief of" the waste heat boiler maintenance manual ","design and type selection of ventilator" and other publications; Editor of journal of "engineering thermodynamics" (national "five-year planning teaching material"), and other three textbooks. "The first persons EI, Chinese core papers published over 20 articles.
    Awards "Engineering thermodynamics" China Petroleum and chemical industry outstanding publication (teaching material prize) first prize Jinzhou city second prize of science and technology research.
    Ongoing Project Yantai Wanrun Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. "liquid crystal production line automatic control system"