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  • Name: Chen Ming Gender:male Technique Title:associate professor  
    Tel:15941614727 E-mail:chmgs@126.com
    Subject Name:Industrial Engineering
    Major Research Direction 1. Industrial Engineering
    Resume Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Liaoning University of Technology, associate professor. Received master degree in College of Management from the Dalian University, China, in 2005, major in Management Science and Engineering.
    Academic Achievement Analysis on Variable Transmission System of Battery Electric Vehicle Based on Graph Theory[J]. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology,2012, 43(2).(EI:20124115555608) Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation on Battery Electric Vehicle Dynamics and Energy Consumption Economy[C].Advanced Materials Research. 2011,201-203. (EI:20111213767014) The Parameters Sensitivity Analysis of Battery Electric Vehicle Energy Consumption Economy[C]. Advanced Materials Research .2011, 308-310.(EI:20114014385192) The Parameters Sensitivity Analysis of Battery Electric Vehicle Dynamic Performance[C]. Applied Mechanics and Materials. 2011,80-81.(EI:20113514279553)
    Ongoing Project