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  • Name:Hu Guojie Gender:Male Technique Title:Professor  
    Tel:13940659161 E-mail:125108431@qq.com
    Subject Name:Management Science and Engineering,Business Management
    Major Research Direction 1.Strategic Management
    2.Innovation Management
    3.Real Estate Appraisal
    4.The Regional Economic Management
    Study Research In recent years, Hu Guojie presided over 23 municipal key research projects,which related to the Liaoning social science fund, Liaoning provincial department of education research fund,participating in more than 30 provincial-level scientific research projects, scientific research income over 80,000 yuan. The key research fund project done by him that "Research and countermeasure on building an innovative Jinzhou" has been received instruction by Wang Tiecheng - the local People's Congress Standing Committee(former deputy secretary of Jinzhou ) . Hu Guojie wrote in the instruction:the research results has a certain theoretical guidance and practical value for promoting Jinzhou open up. Study report has been distributed to the various departments of its counties and districts and other related departments. They have absorbed some result of the research in their daily work and drafting documents, and have been used in Jinzhou innovative city construction, resulting in a better social and economic benefits ; presiding over the completion of fund projects "How to improve the overall level of Jinzhou’s open up" (research report),has been prasied by former minister of Jinzhou municipal propaganda ,the study has been provided to the relevant government departments and has been decided to use;The key fund project has been completed that "Strategies on Jinzhou’s county economy’s fast development " (studies), which had been received important instructions from Wang gongsheng,who is the vice mayor of Jinzhou,the instructions stated: the report has been provided to the relevant government department heads and got approval from them, hope research group comrades continue to do work for Jinzhou local economic construction .
    Publish Paper In recent years, a total of 67 papers has been published. Among them,21 pieces belongs to the national core journals and the international three retrieval EI and ISTP , 33 pieces journals is above the provincial level,13 pieces published in the municipal government newspaper,all the above are the independent author and the first author.Participating in the school textbook writing "Introduction to economic law" ,the book has been published by Northeastern University Press.Among the published papers, 33 articles had been received award from all levels of government , two articles were reprinted by People network and News network.
    Scientific Research and Papers Awards In the completed research projects (studies) and academic papers, obtained a total of 33 awards at all levels of government departments. Among them, the focus of scientific research fund project done "countermeasure research on the building of city innovative Jinzhou " (research report), Liaoning Province Philosophy, Social Sciences prize (award) ; emphasis fund project completion "About Jinzhou How to improve the overall level of opening up research "(research report)," Strategies on Jinzhou County Economy fast development "(studies)," countermeasure research on the second largest city of Jinzhou in Liaoning coastal comparative advantages and development "(research report) , four research "Countermeasure research on intensify its efforts to further promote the opening-up of Jinzhou " (research report), etc., won the first prize (award) 4 in Jinzhou City, Philosophy, Social Sciences awards. In addition, among the results of research projects completed:the eligible Jinzhou philosophy, social sciences second prize-5, third prize-4, Liaoning province natural science academic achievement prize -4, third prize-5, other Academic Achievement Award granted by all levels of government-15.
    Students' Science and Technology Innovation Awards via guiding In recent years, guide many students to participate in various competitions at all levels, and have achieved good results. Guide students to participate in the "Challenge Cup" science and technology work and entrepreneurship competition, work has won the national second prize-1, third prize-1,provincial grand prize-2,first prize-4, second prize-11, third prize-16. In addition, guiding students to participate in Liaoning province "Internet +" innovation and entrepreneurship competition, Liaoning province e-commerce network competition, Liaoning province university student entrepreneurship competition, Liaoning province marketing research and analysis competitions, guided work has won a provincial second prize-1 and third prize-3. For three consecutive years,he was named was named the "Challenge Cup" College extracurricular academic science and technology work contest Liaoning Province excellent teacher League Liaoning Province, Department of Education, Science and Technology Department。