• Feng Jing

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  • Name:Feng Jing Gender: Female Technique Title:Professor  
    Tel:13464458212 E-mail:283066509@qq.com
    Subject Name:Management Science and Engineering
    Major Research Direction 1. Marketing
    2. Human resources management
    Resume Feng Jing, professor, supervisor for postgraduates. Main research areas are Marketing and Human resources management. Graduated from Northeast University of Finance in July, 1985 and received a master's degree majoring in Management in the Dalian University of Technology in October, 2002. Has been teaching in Liaoning university of technology since 1985. Promoted as senior lecturer in 1997. Promoted as associate professor in 2003. Promoted as professor in the year 2008. Has participated and managed several projects for both the government and the enterprises. Many papers have been published in core journals and province-level journals. Supervised projects which won the national and province-level competitions’ awards.
    Academic Achievement She has participated 18 research projects, and 6 of them are managed by her. These projects are including 3 government projects and 3 enterprise ones. Many students who have won the “challenge cup” national competition of entrepreneurship plan rewards are supervised by her. These rewards are including two silver medals, one copper medals and one third-level rewards. She has written 18 academic papers, 8 of them are in the core journals, 10 of them are in the province-level journals. Eight of these papers have been published with her name as the first author. She has also written two books. One is the “Modern enterprise management and application” and the other is “Human resources management”, all published by Peking university press as the series books of practical talent people education.
    Awards The associate editor of the book “Human resources management and practice”, which won the First Prize for excellent teaching materials, April, 2010 The associate editor of the book “Modern enterprise management and application”, which were published by Peking University as one part of its eleventh five-year plan, April, 2010 The excellent supervisor for the seventh “challenge cup” Liaoning university student entrepreneurship project competition, July, 2010 Supervisor of the “Midas touch company entrepreneurship project”, which won the copper award of the seventh national university student entrepreneurship competition, September, 2010
    Ongoing Project 1. The resource associate benefit research and sustainable development strategy research for Liaoning industrial enterprises 2. Strategy research for the innovational city establishing in Jinzhou