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  • Name:Fengjun Shan  Gende:F Technique Title:associate professor
    Tel:15042676971 E-mail:36409725@qq.com
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    Major Research Direction 1. surface protection of metal materials
    2. waste resource
    Resume Shan feng-jun: female, born in decembert 1971, Associate Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering College, Liaoning University of Technology. In 1996, graduated from hunan university, and worked for Liaoning University of Technology as teacher. 2001-2004. Studied in Liaoning University of Technology as a master degree student. In 2008, acquired Materials science Ph.D. degree from Northeastern University. The main research directions: surface protection of metal materials and waste resource. Recent years, more than 10 scientific papers were published.
    Academic Achievement 1.Shan Fengjun, Liu Changsheng, Wang Shuanghong, etc. The preparation and performance research of passivation films of cerium doped in silane of hot dip Al-Zn layer, Chinese journal of materials research,2008, Vol.22, No.2:197-200. 2.Shan Fengjun, Liu Changsheng, Wang Shuanghong. The corrosion resistance of hot dip galvanizedsteel pretreated with Bis-functional silanes modified with nanoalumina, Acta Metallurgica Sinica, 2008,Vol.21, No.4:245-252. 3.Shan Feng-jun, Liu Chang-sheng, Wang Shuang-hong. Study on Corrodibility of Hot Dip A-l Zn Layer Passivated with La(NO3)3-Doped BTESPT Solutions, Journal of Northeastern University(Natural Science),2008,Vol.29,No.8: 1122-1125.
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