• Gao Yanjiao

  • Resume

  • Name:Gao Yanjiao Gender:Female Technique Title:Professor  
    Tel:13134161506 E-mail:yanjiaogao@163.com
    Subject Name:Environmental Engineering; Municipal Engineering
    Major Research Direction 1. Theory and technology of waste water treatment
    2.Theory and technology of groundwater treatment
     3.Deeply treatment technology of drinking water
    Resume Gao Yanjiao, born in 1974, was awarded PhD in China University of Geosciences in 2006, and was awarded as postgraduate tutor of municipal engineering in Liaoning University of Technology in 2012. The courses taught are “new technology of water treatment” and “environmental pollution ecology”.
    Academic Achievement In recent years, more than 20 papers and 1 book were published, one patent was authorized and presided a number of national scientific research projects.
    Awards Two papers were respectively awarded the first prize and the second prize of Jinzhou natural science academic achievement.
    Ongoing Project National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51308274)