• Du Xian-feng

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  • Name:Du Xian-feng Gender:male Technique Title:Associate professor  
    Tel:15104165461 E-mail:ifengdoo@163.com
    Subject Name:Vehicle Engineering 
    Major Research Direction 1.Vehicle, engine noise and vibration control
    2.Diesel engine combustion process and emission control
    Resume 2002.09~2007.07 Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Yantai University, undergraduate, awarded Bachelor 2007.09~2009.07 Vehicle Engineering, Tianjin University, graduate students, Master of Engineering 2009.09~2013.01 Power Machinery and Engineering, Tianjin University, doctoral student, received a Ph.D. 2013.01 to date Working at Liaoning university of technology On an introduction to the "car Introduction", "automotive electrical and electronic control technology", "vehicle emission and noise control" and other courses.
    Academic Achievement On the "Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering", "Journal of Central South University of Technology", "Transactions of Csice", "Journal of Tianjin University", "Chinese Internal Combustion Engine Engineering", "Journal of Vibration and Shock", "Vehicle Engine" and other journals published more than 10 papers , which SCI retrieval 2, EI retrieval eight.
    Awards three provincial science and technology achievement appraisal: 1. The diesel engine vibration and noise control and structural reliability based development and application. 2. Natural gas engine technology development and application. 3. Non-road diesel engine technology development and application.
    Ongoing Project Hosting three research projects: 1. The university-enterprise cooperation project: diesel engine vibration noise control key technology research. 2. Dr. Start-up fund projects in Liaoning province: diesel engine vibration noise control key technology research. 3. The general project of Liaoning province department of education: low temperature combustion characteristics of diesel engine combustion noise technology suitability study.