• Liu Shuwei

  • Resume

  • Name:Liu Shuwei Gender:Male Technique Title:Associate professor  
    Tel:13841685700 E-mail:lg.qc@126.com
    Subject Name:Vehicle Engineering
    Major Research Direction 1.Vehicle system dynamics and control
    2.Key technology of electric vehicles
    Resume 1995.9-1997.7, Shenyang University of Technology, Undergraduate 1997.7-2002.8, Liaoning University of Technology, Institute of mechanical and automotive engineering, Teacher 2002.9-2005.3, Liaoning University of Technology, Vehicle Engineering, Postgraduates in school 2005.3-Now, Liaoning University of Technology, Institute of automobile and traffic engineering, Teacher
    Academic Achievement Published more than 10 professional academic papers, presided over and participated in 7 transverse and longitudinal scientific research projects, Received 3 authorized patents for invention and utility models, edit 3 teaching materials of undergraduate course
    Awards without
    Ongoing Project Postsecondary teacher scientific research initial funding projects: Electric motor steering active control research, project number: X201110