• Fengshuangsheng

  • Resume

  • Name:Fengshuangsheng  Gender:Female Technique Title:Associate Professor
    Tel:13940699362 E-mail:fengshuangsheng@sohu.com
    Subject Name:Corporate Management
    Major Research Direction 1. Land economics and management
    2. Land system and policy
    3.Agricultural economics and management
    Resume 1.1987.9—1991.7 Zhejiang SCI-TECH University, bachelor 2.1991.10—1996.7 Jinzhou textile mill, engineer 3.1996.8— now Liaoning University of Technology 4.2008.9-2013.7 Liaoning University , doctor degree
    Academic Achievement As a moderator to complete the municipal project, as a group member to participate in the national major social science fund project, the Liaoning province education department project, Liaoning province federation social science circles project, and Jinzhou city federation social science circles project. More than 20 academic papers are published in Issues in Agricultural Economy,Rural Economy,Journal of Liaoning University(Philosophy and Social Science Edition),  Enterprise Economy and other publications, Article views are cited more than 50 times by academic journals.
    Awards Liaoning Province natural science and academic achievements third prize, Jinzhou City philosophy and social science achievement third prize, the tenth Jinzhou City Social Sciences outstanding achievement third prize, Jinzhou city natural science and technology achievement award second prize.
    Ongoing Project 2014 Liaoning Province Social Science Fund Project: "Research on obstacles and countermeasures of the rural land contract and management right transfer in Liaoning province from the perspective of farmers" (L14BJY023)