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December 06, 2015

Status Management of Undergraduate International Students at Liaoning University of Technology(LUT) (Trial)

(Taught in English)

In order to strengthen the status management of undergraduate international students, according to Management Requirement of Colleges and Universities Accepting International Students issued by the state, Credit System Teaching Management Approach of Liaoning University of Technology and Student Status Management Regulations of Liaoning University of Technology, combined with the undergraduate teaching characteristics of international students at our university, the formulated requirements are made as follows.

I. Admission and registration

1. In accordance with the relevant provisions of China recruiting international students, after being verified and sent the JW202 Form and the admission letter from LUT, those who succeed in obtaining an “X” visa may come to our university to study.

2. Before the date specified on the JW202 Form, the new international students need to take their passports and admission letters to the School of International Education to do the enrollment procedure. Those who cannot arrive on time for any reason shall promptly inform the school of the reason and provide relevant supporting materials. The late registration must be done within two weeks. The school will cancel the enrollment qualification of those who fail to inform the school in advance or fail to arrive at the school after two weeks.

3. International students need to pay off the tuition fee, accommodation fee, deposit and other fees within a month after they arrive. The School of International Education will then take care of all the paperwork, complete the students’ status registration (registering student numbers and students’ status electronically), fill in the enrollment card and issue student ID cards, etc. Whoever fails to pay all the expenses will not be registered and will not be able to get a resident permit.

4. In the first two weeks of each semester, international students need to personally take their student ID cards to the School of International Education to register. Those who for any reason cannot register on time must inform the School of the reason. Those who don’t inform the School and don’t register within two weeks after the scheduled time will be considered to drop out of the university voluntarily.

5. International students must pay the tuition fee at the University Financial Affairs Office and pay other fees at the School of International Education before they register in the first semester of each academic year. Those who for any reason cannot pay on time must fulfill the relevant procedures or they will not be allowed to register or go to classes. Those who do not pay within the time limit will be considered to drop out of the university voluntarily.

II. Performance assessment and recording

1. International students must attend all classes and practice (hereinafter referred to as courses) stipulated in the professional development program. Their performance assessment results will be recorded in their transcript files.

2. There are two ways for course assessment--a centesimal system and a five-level system. With the centesimal system, sixty is a passing score. In the five-level system, the five levels are: excellent, good, medium, pass and fail. Students obtain credits for the course only after passing it.

3. The assessment of each course includes: a normal exam, make-up exam and restudy exam. Make-up exams are arranged at the beginning of each semester for the students who fail the required courses stipulated in the teaching plan. The grade point of the course with a make-up exam must be less than 3; i.e. if the result of the make-up exam is not over 79 points, the actual result will be recorded; if the result of the make-up exam is over 79 points, 79 will be recorded.

Make-up exams are not arranged for students who fail in the practice assessment. Instead, restudy will be arranged.

Make-up exams are not arranged for students who fail elective courses. They can restudy the course or re-elect other courses.

4. Deferred exams will be arranged at the same time as make-up exams. Make-up exams are not arranged for the failure of deferred exams.

5. Students are allowed to restudy the courses whose credits have been obtained. The highest score of all the exams will be recorded in the transcript file.

6. Students must participate in all teaching activities according to their teachers’ requirements. Their attendance will be recorded for classes, experiments, practice, designs, etc. Students who cannot participate should be pre-approved. The absent students will be criticized and educated, and the disciplinary punishment will be based on the number of absences and the situation. Students who have any one of the following circumstances will not be allowed to take the examination or assessment. The result will be recorded as zero:

(1) The time of absenteeism without cause amounts to or is more than the hours/week of a course.

(2) The lack of homework is up to 1/3.

(3) Those that don’t do experiments or don’t hand in experiment reports.

No matter what reason a student has, if he/she fails to attend over 1/3 of a course, he/she will be disqualified from taking the exam of this course. They have to restudy the course.

7. Those that have begun to study a course, but fail to take the exam without authorization will get a zero for the course, plus the word "absence of exam" indicated. The credits of the course can only be obtained by restudying.

8. Students who break the rules or cheat in an exam will get a zero for the course, plus the word "breaking rules" or "cheating" indicated. Such students are not allowed to take a make-up exam and have to restudy the course.

9. No fee will be charged for make-up exams. Some fees will be charged for the course restudied according to its credits.

10. All Chinese language courses are 448 hours/28 credits, arranged respectively in the first four semesters. During this time if a student passes the national Chinese language test, namely HSK4, and gets a qualification certificate, he/she can be exempt from Chinese language classes and get the full credits for the Chinese language courses.

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