Basic Information
· Degree Type: Master
· Duration: 3 Year
· Starting time: 2018-09-01
· Application deadline: 2018-08-31
· Tuition: 24000 RMB/Y
· Application fee: 700 RMB
· Teaching Language: English
· Degree Requirements: Bachelor

Mechanical Engineering

Application Requirement

Program Description

The main professional training students to master the design and manufacturing, technology development, computer engineering software applications and practical skills in the field of mechanical engineering, cultivate students' ability to scientifically analyze and solve practical problems in the field of mechanical engineering, So that students have a scientific way of thinking and innovative design concept of high-level application expertise. After graduation, students can engage in the design, manufacturing, management, research and teaching work form mechanical related fields.

Main Course:

matrix analysis, digital design and software application, electromechanical integration, elasticity and finite element analysis, numerical control technology and application of CAM software, automatic control and human-machine interface

Application Fee

¥700 RMB

Tuition Fee

¥24,000 RMB/1 year

Books Fee

¥2,000 RMB/4 years

Application Materials

Copy of the first 10 pages of the passport
Copy of the Bachelor’s degree certificate
Copy of the university transcript
Recent record of sponsor’s bank account statement 
Sponsorship letter 
Application form  (filled)
RMB700 yuan application fee 
Send $4000 dollars to the school account (Please write your name and the passport number when you send the money to the school account, after 3 days please confirm with the school.)