Basic Information
· Degree Type: Master
· Duration: 3 Year
· Starting time: 2018-09-01
· Application deadline: 2018-08-31
· Tuition: 24000 RMB/Y
· Application fee: 700 RMB
· Teaching Language: English
· Degree Requirements: Bachelor

Management Science and Engineering

Application Requirement

Program Description

The students will become talented manager with specialized in experimental techniques, they will research in application of innovation and achievements of theory with systematically utilize theory and methods of management, system science and economic mathematics. In recent years, over 255 pieces of academic paper and 37 monographs are published in the academic publications and conferences both at home and abroad, and over 154 state’s research programs and 108 enterprises’ research program have bean finished, Scientific research funds of 1270000 yuan are reached. This subject has 9 professors and 10 people with PhD. Teacher resources, experimental equipment and other teaching conditions are contained well.

Main Course:

matrix analysis, Senior management, The theory and method of quantitative economy, Information System and Management, Enterprise information management, Logistics and supply chain management

Application Fee

¥700 RMB

Tuition Fee

¥24,000 RMB/1 year

Books Fee

¥2,000 RMB/4 years

Application Materials

Copy of the first 10 pages of the passport
Copy of the Bachelor’s degree certificate
Copy of the university transcript
Recent record of sponsor’s bank account statement 
Sponsorship letter 
Application form  (filled)
RMB700 yuan application fee 
Send $4000 dollars to the school account (Please write your name and the passport number when you send the money to the school account, after 3 days please confirm with the school.)