Basic Information
· Degree Type: Bachelor
· Duration: 4 Year
· Starting time: 2018-09-01
· Application deadline: 2018-08-31
· Tuition: 18000 RMB/Y
· Application fee: 700 RMB
· Teaching Language: English
· Degree Requirements: High School Graduate

International Economics and Trade

Application Requirement

Program Description

This major aims to cultivate applied professional talents to systematically master the basic theories of principles of economics, international economy and international trade and the operational skills of actual business in international trade, to know modern developing status of international trade and to be familiar with the rules, conventions, policies and regulations of international trade and China’s foreign trade, to have the good ability of listening ,speaking, writing and translating in English and to adapt the requirement of economic construction and social development so that students can engage in work of actual business in international economy and trade, operating management, scientific research and education in departments of foreign-related economy, financial institution, overseas-funded enterprises after graduation.

Curriculum Requirement:

Requisite knowledge and skills of graduates:
1.To master the basic theories of economics;
2.To master the theoretical knowledge of international economy and trade and the professional skills of international trade;
3.To analyze and research economic problems by using methods of measurement, accounting and statistics;
4.To know the international developing status of main countries and regions;
5.To know the economic policies and regulations of China;
6.To be familiar with general rules and conventions of international trade;
7.To use a foreign language proficiently and have strong ability of listening ,speaking, reading, writing and translating;
8.To be able to utilize computer in professional work.

Main Course:
Micro-economics, Macro-economics, Management, Accounting, Statistics, International Trade, International Finance, International Trade Affaires, International Marketing, International Settlement, Currency and Banking, International Economics, Econometrics, International Business Law, Modern Business English Letters, etc.

Tuition Fee

¥18,000/1 year

Application Fee


Books Fee

¥2,000/4 years

Application Materials

Copy of the first 10 pages of the passport
Copy of the high school graduation certificate or the transcript
Recent record of sponsor’s bank account statement 
Sponsorship letter 
Application form  (filled)