Basic Information
· Degree Type: Bachelor
· Duration: 4 Year
· Starting time: 2018-09-01
· Application deadline: 2018-08-31
· Tuition: 18000 RMB/Y
· Application fee: 700 RMB
· Teaching Language: English
· Degree Requirements: High School Graduate

Computer Science and Technology

Application Requirement

Program Description

This major aims to cultivate advanced talents of science and management with good comprehensive quality, strong practical and innovative ability in fields of Computer Science and Technology, which enable students to master solid basic theories of natural science, humanistic and social science and engineering technology and to gain practical ability of modern knowledge of computer profession so that students can engage in work of computer education, scientific research and application development in departments like scientific research, education, enterprise and administrative service division after graduation.
Students in this major mainly study the basic theories and knowledge of Computer Science and Technology, undergo the basic training of computer operation, software design and engineering practice, master the method of computer system analysis and design and cultivate the comprehensive practice and innovative ability.

Curriculum Requirement:

Requisite knowledge and skills of graduates:
1.To have solid knowledge of natural science, humanistic and social science and good level of a foreign language ;
2.To master the basic theories and methods of Computer Science and Technology;
3.To have the basic ability of researching and developing software and hardware system;
4.To have the ability of analyzing and solving practical problems by use of theories, methods and skills of this major;
5.To know the theoretical leading edge and developing trend of this major;
6.To master the basic method of document retrieval and data collection and to have certain ability of scientific research and innovation.

Main Course:

Basic Circuit and Electronic Technology, Mathematic Logic and Numeric System, Principles of Computer Composition, SCM and Interfacing, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structure, Operational System, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Computer Network, Embedded System, Embedded System Programming, etc.

Tuition Fee

¥18,000/1 year

Application Fee


Books Fee

¥2,000/4 years

Application Materials

Copy of the first 10 pages of the passport
Copy of the high school graduation certificate or the transcript
Recent record of sponsor’s bank account statement 
Sponsorship letter 
Application form  (filled)